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TEKKEN 8 for PS5, the latest in the iconic franchise, features 32 redesigned fighters, next-gen visuals, and an immersive Mishima bloodline saga.

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Get ready to step into the next chapter of the legendary TEKKEN franchise with TEKKEN 8 for PlayStation 5! Immerse yourself in the gripping saga of the Mishima bloodline, where Kazuya’s quest for global domination clashes with Jin’s mission to end his father’s reign of terror.

TEKKEN 8 introduces 32 redesigned fighters with stunning next-gen visuals that showcase every detail, from sweat to muscles. Iconic characters like Paul Phoenix, King, and Nina Williams return, alongside the long-lost Jun Kazama and new Peruvian character Azucena. Engage in intense battles across 16 dynamic stages with destructible elements.

Experience the tragic narrative through Hollywood-grade cutscenes and character episodes. Jin Kazama confronts Kazuya, unleashing war globally. The gameplay introduces “Aggressive” tactics and the innovative “Heat System,” allowing strategic offensive attacks based on each character’s unique features.

Embark on the single-player mode ‘Arcade Quest,’ creating your avatar to conquer rivals across different arcades. This mode serves as an introduction to TEKKEN 8’s gameplay, featuring a unique storyline and battles. Unlock customizations for characters and avatars as you progress.

TEKKEN 8 offers extensive personalization with customization options for playable characters, avatars, HUD elements, and music. Enjoy freedom in customizing full body, head, accessories, and more. Immerse yourself in TEKKEN 8’s world, where thrilling battles, engaging storylines, and extensive customization await you on the next-gen stage! Unleash the power of the legendary TEKKEN legacy on PS5.


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