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Pre-order Star Wars Outlaws Special Edition for PS5 to receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack. Join Kay Vess on a high-stakes journey through the galaxy as you fight, steal, and outwit your way to freedom.

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Star Wars Outlaws Special Edition for PS5 invites players to explore a vast and dangerous galaxy filled with opportunity and peril. Take on the role of Kay Vess, a daring scoundrel seeking freedom and a fresh start amidst the chaos of the Star Wars universe. Partnered with the resourceful Nix, players will navigate bustling cities, treacherous landscapes, and iconic locations as they undertake daring missions for the galaxy’s most notorious crime syndicates. Engage in thrilling dogfights aboard the Trailblazer ship, outmaneuvering the Empire and other adversaries in high-stakes aerial combat. With every decision shaping your reputation and destiny, will you rise to become a legendary outlaw or succumb to the dangers of the galaxy? Pre-order now to embark on this epic adventure and receive the exclusive Kessel Runner Bonus Pack.

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star wars outlaws playstation 5 ps5

Star Wars Outlaws Special Edition PS5


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