Beach Soccer PC Game

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Beach Soccer PC Game

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Beach Soccer PC Game

This beach soccer game lets you play on eight beaches all around the world from Rio Grande Do Norte in Brazil to Sydney in Australia. The game features to different game modes: Exhibition where you play friendly matches, and Compete where you get to play a full tournament. These modes can also be played in multiplayer by up to four players on the same PC. You can choose whether you want to play with male or female teams. Before starting a match, you get the option to customize the game. You can choose the number of periods (1-3), the duration of each period (1-12 minutes), and what location you want to play on. There is a total of 35 different national teams to take control of.

The gameplay is similar to other sports games of the time. It uses a simple control scheme, using only two buttons in addition to the movement control. One button is used for passing, and one for shooting. In defense play these are used to steal the ball and slide tackle.

Business Model: CommercialMinimum CPU Class Required: Intel Pentium IIIMinimum OS Class Required: Windows 98Minimum RAM Required: 128 MBMinimum DirectX Version Required: DirectX 8.0Drivers/APIs Supported: Direct3DHardware TNLMedia Type: CD-ROM DownloadInput Devices Supported/Optional: Keyboard MouseOther Input DevicesController Types Supported: Analog JoystickAdditional Hardware Required: 3D AcceleratorMultiplayer Options: Same/Split-ScreenNumber of Offline Players: 1-4 Players


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